Fort Worth

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Sundance Square Store Events


The Sinclair Building

512 Main Street, Suite 110

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Phone Number: (817) 334-0900


For Parking, please refer to Sundance Square Parking Information.

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Don’t forget to check out our Wine Room during your visit with us at out Fort Worth location.

Store Hours:

Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
11:00am-06:00pm 10:00am-08:00pm 10:00am-08:00pm 10:00am-08:00pm 10:00am-09:00pm 10:00am-10:00pm 10:00am-10:00pm


  1. jeff hamill says:

    looking for Opus X perfection X any in stock

  2. TobaccoLane says:

    We have 8 more tickets for the Davidoff event tomorrow. Call us @ 817-344-0900 to reserve your spot today!

  3. Hood says:

    I am looking to try pipe smoking. Do yall have a selection of cob pipes and beginner products and info?

    • TobaccoLane says:

      yes we do carry cob pipes along with several lines of briar pipes…we even carry beginner kits. Stop in anytime to any of our locations and we can get you started as wll as answer any of your questions.

  4. KFaver says:

    I am trying to find someone that can help me determine the value of some meerschaum pipes that where given to me after my uncle passed away

  5. Andrew Kümm says:

    I would like to know how much a pound of pipe tobacco would be

  6. K says:

    Do you have vintage pipes and/or tobacco tins, or know of a place that sells either?

  7. AAdams says:

    Do y’all sell humidors?

  8. JJaeger says:

    I’m looking for GIFFT Wine (there’s a Chardonnay, and a Red Blend). Do you have any??

  9. Mark says:

    wondering what ryo you have in stock. mostly looking for organic. thanks

  10. Isabel says:

    Hi there. My husband has recently gotten into cigars, a “beginner” if you will. So I was looking into getting him a humidor for Christmas. I was wondering what your price ranges are and do they come in a variety of sizes? Thanks.

  11. Mikela says:

    I’m looking for American Spirit, rolling tobacco, do you sell various sizes of AS rolling tobacco.

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