Stop by one of our locations and check out of selection of quality pipes and accessories. There is also a variety of estate pipes at each location.

In addition, we also do expert quality pipe repairs.

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Peterson Display

Here is a list of some of the brand names we have in stock today:

  • Savinelli
  • Eric Nording
  • Cassano
  • Peterson
  • Leonessa
  • Caminetto
  • Karl Eric
  • Mauro Armellini
  • Stefano Santambrogio
  • Design Berlin
  • Bjarne
  • Lorenzetti
  • Roma
  • Stanwall
  • Aldo Velani
  • La Rocca
  • Viking
  • Bason
  • Ben Wade
  • Calabresi
  • Britannia
  • AND, Estate Pipes


  1. Don Rowe says:

    I purchased a churchwarden pipe at your shop two weeks be for Christmas. The makers mark on the bowl is “MT” I was hoping you could tell me who the maker is.

    Thank you.

  2. James L. says:

    Hi, i was really interested in investing in a quality pipe, I’ve been a pipe smoker about a year. I use a corn cob and have enjoyed puffin on it but i would just really like something a little more permanent. I was wondering which location i would have a bigger selection at, the fort worth location, or the wetherford location?

  3. Bernie says:

    Do you all carry corn cob pipes, i.e. Missouri Meerschaum?

  4. KIM says:

    How much is a basic inexpensive pipe smokers starter kit?

  5. John Seidel says:

    I am looking for a Briar Pipe and sweet taste aromatic “Holiday” tobacco. Any suggestions?

  6. Leon says:

    I am looking for a simple corn cob pipe for a kid’s play, Do you carry these?

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