Chewing Tobacco


All smokeless tobaccos cannot be mailed due to Federal Law

All smokeless tobaccos cannot be mailed due to Federal Law

We carry a wide selection of long leaf chewing tobacco from Stoker’s┬áin Tennessee.

We sell this by the ounce or by the pound!

  • 24c
  • Apple
  • Black Wild Cherry
  • Fred’s Choice
  • Peach
  • Tennessee Chew
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Wintergreen

All smokeless tobaccos cannot be mailed due to Federal Law

All smokeless tobaccos cannot be mailed due to Federal Law


  1. Malinda Lyle says:

    Can I order tobacco from you online & have it shipped to me in Texas?

  2. Jeff Miller says:

    did not know this is out there to buy, I am an Oregon resident, if I can buy it let me know.

  3. Jeff says:

    Is this carried at your northeast mall location? Do you guys ever get your hands on the butternut flavor?

  4. Corynne says:

    Can I have stokers wintergreen long cut tub shipped to me I live in mahopac NY

  5. Kara says:

    I’m looking for a product for my husbands deployment. Would you suggest the 1lb or the tub?

  6. Troy Scott says:

    i am in south australia and they don’t sell dip out here is there anyway i can get stokers mint sent out?

  7. Sam says:

    Hi, I live in Texas. How much would it cost to send a 16 oz. bag of Stoker’s Butternut to me, including shipping cost?

  8. Charles Hall says:

    How much is 6 bags of the original shipped to Texas???

  9. Tom Tasset says:

    Can or do you sell Stokers wintergreen chew online in the 16 oz bags?
    And can you ship to Kansas?
    Also do you accept pay pal for payment?
    Thnak you

  10. jake says:

    Can I order and will you ship stokers to ontario canada?

  11. Mason Eddle says:

    Is Stokers available in Washington state? If so, where could I find it? Thank you!

  12. Josh says:

    How much is the pound bag of stokers wintergreen Long cut?

  13. Alex says:

    I have been trying to get some good chewing tobacco in California for a long time. I am originally from Tennessee and grew quite fond of gatlin bulier chew. I know the use a cigar leaf from Connecticut to make their product. Is the stoker brand worth a try and how do I go about getting some in California.

    • TobaccoLane says:

      Stokers is very good. We cant mail this product (Federal Law) however, you may be able to get a local cigar shop to get it for you… I just did a quick Google search and it looks like some websites are mailing this product…try the Stokers website too…seems like I remember them posting places that sell their product on their website.

      i hope this helps…


  14. Dan says:

    Do you ship to Wisconsin?

  15. john says:

    hi do you sell jacksons apple jack chew? it doesn’t seem to be anywhere.

  16. Kolby says:

    I want to buy some stokers peach and apple to try with the boys any way I can order some to georgia?

  17. Mitch says:

    Can you ship to Iowa? How much for a pound of peach stoakers chew?

  18. Ian says:

    Can you ship a stokers mint tub to vt?

  19. Scotty MacRae Christmann says:

    Stokers Butternut-Wild Black Cherry-Fred’s Choice?
    Ship to Oklahoma if legal?

  20. james says:

    If your company was smart you would move to an Indian reservation,they can sell tobacco in US and mail it.I just ordered chew last week ..way more business for you

  21. EHAB USAMMA says:

    Can I order Chewing tobacco from you online & have it shipped to me to Istanbul ?

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