Pipe Tobacco

At both our Weatherford and Fort Worth locations we carry a wide variety of both bulk and tin pipe tobacco. Below is a list of the brands we have in stock!

Peterson Tins 5


– McClelland
– Altadis
– Lane

Mac Baren
– Dunhill
Villiger 1888
– Escudo
– Erinmore
– Erik Stokkebye
– McClelland
– Blakeney’s Best
– Solani
– Balken Sasieni
– McLintock
– Holger Danske
– W.O. Larsen


  1. Kevin says:

    Do you have any Peterson Irish flake, or university flake? And if so, how much?

  2. Donald Cosper says:

    Do you still blend Aristocrat pipe tobacco??

  3. David Plants says:

    I see that you have Sasieni. Do you also Sobranie?

  4. Andrew says:

    Do you have the following items in stock?
    Dunhill Nightcap
    Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake

    I’m interested in getting these two blends.

  5. Chris says:

    I recently purchased some Ft Worth Supreme. I do like it but can you please give me some info on it please. That is the only thing I think your bags of pipe tobacco need, info on the label. I also bought some Irish Puff and I know that on is Irish Cream and I love it, but don’t know the type of tobacco.

    • TobaccoLane says:

      This is one of those silly tobacco shop rules…the tobacconist generally does not give up the blend. In fact, many of the blends are called something else…everyone changes the names to make it appear exclusive.
      I am not one of those…I think it is kind of funny…

      The Irish Puff is blend of Toasted Cavendish, premium Burley, and Virginia tobaccos. The Fort Worth Supreme is gold Virginia, black Cavendish, fire-cured steamed Cavendish as well as vanilla and amaretto flavoring.

      I hope this helps you!

  6. Stephanie Kithas says:

    Do you have Escudo in stock?

  7. david Thomas says:

    Do you have peterson’s Balkan Delight and also will you be open Jan. 2?

  8. Seth says:

    Do you still carry Black Russian?

  9. Michael says:

    Do you have Lane BS-005 in bulk? Do you have a catalog for we Texans who are unable to get to Fort Worth?

    • TobaccoLane says:

      I am surprised someone told you the actual name of the tobacco…every day I will get a person asking if we carry Dante’s Inferno or whatever…always fun…
      Anyway, I do not have it in stock…but I can order this today…We can ship it to you too! This product comes in 5lb bags…did you want 5lb?

  10. Paula says:

    Not sure my last comment went through. Do you carry Ebony & Ivory plus Very Cherry like they did at North East Mall?

  11. James Osman says:

    I’m moving from South Carolina back to Fort Worth. Do you carry Lane 1Q?

  12. Benny Walker says:

    I use to buy a cherry flavored tobacoo,called “Cherry Jubilee” from you.Is the “Very Cherry” you sell now the
    same tobacco? If so, do you still ship your tobacco?

  13. Chris says:

    Do you have Mac Baren Dark twist in the tin?

  14. Michael White says:

    I would like to buy a decent briar pipe and a tin of pipe tobacco as a Christmas gift for a friend in Garland. Is it possible to pay with Visa and have you ship him the gift?

  15. Eddie benham says:

    Bought pipe tobacco called Navaho while in ft worth a while back can it be bought through the mail would love to have some more

  16. Josh says:

    Do you carry any plug or rope tobacco and if so anything similar to your sandleman blend? Can special blends be requested also I was curious if a more pungent stronger in flavor version of this could be procured?

    • TobaccoLane says:

      Hi Josh,
      Plug is a form of chewing tobacco. We carry Stokers but it is not the plug form…it is loose.
      Rope tobacco is for smoking…we do not carry this either. However, I can special order this kind of stuff….
      As far as either of these being similar to Saddleman…this is our own blend so I am not sure if this blend is available in rope form…I will gladly look around for you…
      We have several stronger blends here in the shop…we actually have a sampling bar up here too so you can just come in and try some of the heavier stuff before you buy.
      Josh, if you get some spare time just come down to the shop and I will walk you through everything we carry.


  17. Andy Cecrle says:

    I don’t see Orlich on the list… Any chance you carry it?

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