Premier Supermatic

Here is a great way to battle the endless rising cost of a pack of cigarettes, just Roll Your Own (RYO), or Make Your Own (MYO) cigarettes. We carry an entire line of products that will make this and easy as well as enjoyable experience.

With tobacco and accessories listed below, you can RYO/MYO high quality premium cigarettes at a fraction of the cost…we can show you how!

Pouch Tobacco

Bag Tobacco

  • Kentucky Select
  • OHM

Rolling Papers

  • Joker
  • E-Z Wider
  • JB
  • Zig Zag
  • Club

Rolling Machines

  • Premier Supermatic
  • Gizeh Rollbox
  • Rizla Rolling Machine

Premier Tubes

  • King & 100’s
  • Full Flavor & Light
  • Menthol

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